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Has anyone of you ever wondered why is the US Capital, Washington, called Washington D.C. – District of Columbia. Does anyone of you know what or who Columbia actually is?

If you look closer at the statue of Liberty in New York City, you will find out that it is a woman. Yes, and that woman’s name is Columbia. She also appears in many other illustrations. She is one of the core symbols of American culture, which is a culture of Freedom and Liberty, along with Uncle Sam.

As most of you probably know the Statue of Liberty (and thus of Columbia) was given to the US by France in the 19th century. It showed the strong alliance and friendship between these two nations.

The purpose of this post of mine is to describe the great historical ties between France and the United States of America and the importance of this alliance for the world history.

In 1776 after the Declaration of Independence, the country which provided most help to the American settlers was France. Thus France became the first ever ally (not the most loyal one however) of the United States. Without the french help the Americans never would have achieved their independence.

This alliance and friendship continued. George Washington, the first US President, became good friends with LaFayette, one of the leaders of the French revolution. Interestingly the American revolution happenned before the frecnh one and it was not the Revolutionary france which helped the American settlers. The American Revolution probably served as an example to the French revolutionairies who also desired Liberty and wanted to end the Monarchy. These two revolutions inspired the world and became two of the many pillars of the promotion of Democracy in the world.

Coming back to the Staue of Liberty and Columbia. There is not one but actually three official Statues of Liberty in the world. One, and of course the most famous and the biggest one, is in New York City. Two are in Paris, France. Out of these two, one is in the Luxembourg Garden and the other one is on the Pont de la Grenelle.


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